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The South Texas Eskapers is a band for pleasure. We are a group of men who love to play music. We take our music seriously enough to be good at what we do but we don't let our lives become obsessed by it. It's not all about impressing anyone and it's not all about being under pressure. Its all about a release of frustration and having fun and that is what we do.

Our music is a mixture of  rock, country, and blues played with at touch of jazz and a south of the border flavor. We record every thing we play and so have just tons of songs played in many different ways. It seems that no song is ever played the same way. But they always have The South Texas Eskaper's flavor and style. We do not do cover music nor do we sound like any other band. We sound like us.

Recently our producer added some sites on line where you can hear our music and you can even purchase at some of these sites too. Head on over to myspace where you can hear us live.

Check out our latest album Third Coast Cruising at Tune Core where you can listen to our style of Texas Music and  pick up a song or just go ahead and get the album. You are gonna want to anyway.

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Check out our blog at www.southtexaseskapers.com/blog

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