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Howdy Fellow Musicians and All Others,

I was writing an article to post at Ezine Articles and I thought about our site here. We do a lot of playing and recording. Of course what we really do is have a great time with the gift given to us by the spirit that every person has. This spirit does not give everyone the gift for playing music. Others have the gift of something else but then that is another subject.

For those of you who want to play music and just have to go out and get an instrument and some books, CD’s, or DVD’s so you can learn how to play, you were given the gift by your spirit. Use it wisely and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure like none other.

I think that at some time or another in a persons life they wish they could play music. They hear a song and say, to themselves and maybe others, wow I wish I could play like that. Some, and this is very few, will take up an instrument and begin to learn. Most will not follow through. Most of those who pick up an instrument will never get past buying it and soon it will laying around and collecting dust never to be played again. What a waste of a beautiful wealth of pleasure, a musical instrument.

Then for those who do make it past this stage there are still even more who will begin to play and find that it is not easy. They find that it is not as easy as it looks or sounds and they to put down their instrument never to be played again. Like anything else learning how to play music takes time and effort, especially if you want to be good. It takes a huge amount of patience and persistence and practice.

Ah, but the pleasure at is worth the pain. When you become good enough to play a simple song and are able to hear sounds and feel the vibrations of the instrument you will begin realize that you are doing something that is a gift of the spirit’s. It truly a blessing to be able to play music. I know of no one who does not like to listen to music.

Again, almost everyone who listens to music, at some point in life wants to learn how to play and be good at it. Almost all those who try fail. But to those of you who keep working at it, you will prevail. You will reach you level and be content, or not. Yet you will continue to try to become a better musician. It becomes a challenge within your being to keep at it. You may never play at the level of a virtuoso but you and others around you will have a wonderful time enjoying the music you make.

Keep it up and never let your instrument and your music down. In turn they will never let you down. Its an inspiration that is driven by your spirit, your spirit to play.

Enjoy your music and keep playing as much as you can.

The South Texas Eskapers has a get together at Pat’ on Saturday afternoon.

Will be back later


The South Texas Eskapers



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One Old Drummer Back in Town for Awhile

Hi There Pardners,

I got a call the other day from John an old friend who used to live here in San Antonio. He left a couple of years ago to go live in Houston and then on to New York City. Burr it’s cold up there.  Hes working for a bunch of hot shot bankers. Anyway he is back in town for a couple of weeks and last night we got together and jammed. We had a lot of good conversation, and a bunch of good playing together and a couple of cold ones.

We went on over to the studio and laid down a few tracks. The main problem is, our main mixing board quit working and we were left with our original equipment. It sounded good live and our little H4 recorder did perform pretty good. We got some good recordings down and I will have a couple of them up for you all in a couple of weeks.

John is a powerful drummer, kind of like John Bonham. He is fun to play with because he has such a powerful drive and a steady beat. When he and Steve our Bass player get together there is no stopping the rhythm section. The could play all night without the guitars. Fat chance, Pat and I would not stand for that.

It was a great practice and we all had a good time. Now all this information is really good to know. Oh well, just stating the facts.

We’ll be back in the studio on Friday.

Check out a couple of places to go to learn more about music and musical instruments. Jammin Guitar

I also got a couple articles that I have written and you can check those out if you care to

Learn How to Play the Guitar – How to Find the Best Guitar Lessons Online

How to Play the Guitar – Taking Guitar Lessons Will Help You Learn How to Play the Guitar

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Learning To Play The Guitar (or any other insturment)

Hi there buckaroo’s

Just a short blog about playing and learning the methodology of doing so.

When I began this venture not too many years ago I was living at home and quite younger than I am now. The one thing that my father emphasized and set me to doing, at his expense, was taking music lessons. For me it was a good thing. The reason being is that it gave me direction and knowledge.

If a person wants to be good at anything they have to study and learn about that which they choose to do. Music is no different. In fact it is even more important to get the basic concept of music theory than to play the instrument. I know, what you want to do is play. But playing is one thing and playing good is another.

What theory will in fact do is teach you what to do to make the music move and give it that feeling. It gives you a sound foundation for the sounds you are going to want to create. Some people do better with this than others. Some tend to be more natural at music than others. Not all musicians are created equal. For some of us, take me for instance, have to work much harder to get to where they want to be musically but it can be done. Therefore it was very important that I took lessons. Yet even for the more gifted in music, lessons will advance their ability by multiples therefore saving valuable time. Lessons are built on others knowledge and experience.

When I started out there was no Internet and no online training. No access to videos. In fact there wasn’t even a television in our house. There was no TV! OK so I have given away my age. Hey, I’m not really that old.

Now days there is the Internet, DVDs and CDs. Literally multitudes of methods in which to learn. In fact there is so much out there that a person can easily become bogged down with information overload. Therefore it is important that you have at least the opportunity to get the best knowledge available in the simplest method possible.

At our website www.SouthTexasEskapers.com we have a program that will do just that. It is geared to an individual’s level of knowledge in music using easy to follow methods. You will get instruction from basic beginner through advanced studies. The program is comprehensive and step by step.

I can say that I have spent literally thousands of dollars on music lessons in my life. From one on one personal lessons, which I highly recommend, to music book after music book studies, to college music theory and study classes. For those truly serious about music, formal education will give you knowledge beyond the daily routine of study. In the meantime you should try the $49.95 to $99.95 Jamorama Courses. When you sign up there are some free studies so you can check it out.

Well so much for my sales pitch. I will say at this point that a little help will go a long way to learning how to play a musical instrument and I do encourage that all of you who are thinking about playing or have the desire to play music look into lessons of some sort. That goes for those of you who are long along the way. Study is well worth the effort and the minor expense involved. Check it out Jamorama

Have fun playing, fun is what music is all about. Why do they call it PLAYING if it is not for fun.



Roberts Ezines  –  How to Play the Guitar – Taking Guitar Lessons Will Help You Learn How to Play the Guitar   Click Here


It’s All About Having Fun

Howdy there Folks,

Here it is another rainy cold day here in South Texas. I love the cold, especially in the middle of the summer when it is a hundred degrees and then in the middle of the winter when it is so cold it takes your breath away and it “leaves” and turns into spring like weather. Warm and comfortable.

Music, it’s all about having fun. If now why would it be called “playing.” All my life I have loved to have fun. It seems as though all my life I have been involved in the production of music.

Actually it started when I was about nine years old when my dad asked me if I would like to learn how to play a tenor banjo. Dad was a great fan of Polka Party which aired on the old AM radio and if any of you remember it you know that was some years ago. Somewhere around 1958. Jeeze that was in the last century. And do people still play the tenor banjo?

Well that was the beginning of my quest for and my love of music. I have never since stopped playing.

When I was in junior high school mom took us kids (there were five of us) to a music instrument showing. I took one look at a trumpet and decided then and there that was what I was going to play. And, that is what I did. In the first year of band I was third trumpet. The next year in high school I was third first trumpet. It took a lot of work and many lessons which my mother and father so graciously paid for. Music was a big part of our family.

I went on through High School playing and playing. Then when I went to college I became the first year Solo Trumpet. How great that was and what an experience. Playing in an orchestra and in the Pit Band performing for the musical Kiss Me Kate.

In 1972 I was in San Marcos, Texas sitting around partying with some friends when a couple of dudes pulled out their guitars and started playing. Right then and there I decided I was going to play guitar, I was hooked.

As soon as I got back to Corpus Christi I went out and bought a guitar and begin playing. Within the first year I went and bought a Martin D35 wow, that guitar would make music by it’s self. I took lessons and worked hard. Here I will say that I truly believe that lessons are the way to go. They give you direction and set up a plan to your endeavor.

Since then I have never put the guitar down and never will. It has never failed me as a release of pressure and an awesome source of pleasure.

When I met The South Texas Eskapers all the work (and pleasure) I had invested in playing culminated. We all hit it off really good. Each one of the band members have a passion for music. A life’s endeavor and a source of pleasure.

One thing for sure we all look forward to playing and do so at least once per week. We rarely miss a practice. Although we may not be the greatest band and here I must ask what band truely is “the greatest band?” Your band of course! For each of us in the Eskapers, we are the greatest band, and for us the band that has the most fun.

So, for all you want to be musicians and for those of you who are accomplished. All which is a matter of personal opinion, music is for fun. For our pleasure and fun and for others. But I think mostly it is for personal pleasure and satisfaction. If you play it does not matter how good you are what matters is how good it makes you feel. Its all about your inner self. One thing for sure you will always be the best at what “you play” nobody plays like you. Never stop learning and never stop playing. And, never stop having fun with your music.

Thanks for stopping by and play with your heart.

It’s all about having fun.



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A “Behind The Internet Band” – What’s That?

Howdy Folks,

Hope y’all been havin’ a good time out there.

I wanted to explain something and maybe some of the band members can help me with this in their comments in the comment section, sometimes I call it the peanut gallery.

Although we love to play in public what we enjoy most is being on the Internet. The reason being is that all y’all out there can listen to us whenever you want and never leave the farm. I mean all y’all across the world. Not just those of you in the good ole USA, but across the world.

It has been told that Texas Music is quite popular over there across the ocean where our ancestors came from. You know like in Europe, or maybe Russia or even some of the more eastern countries like China or India or Japan and all the ones in between.

We don’t want to leave out the African countries either because some of you too, like to listen to a little honky tonk music once in awhile. You know a whole bunch of us came here from your great continent too.

Well now we can’t be leavin’ out the neighbors to the north and the neighbors to the south of us either. Canada up there in the cold north and our neighbor Mexico to the south. We here in Texas tend to flavor our music with a little Spanish accent which comes directly form all those from our neighbor Mexico who helped us at the Alamo.

We can go on down to Central America and then of course South America. I was in Brazil once and what a country, wow! we had a good time.

Now there are a whole bunch more countries, too numerous to mention. You know we have great people from just about every corner of old mother earth. Most of y’all don’t live in the USA but no matter where y’all are from you love Texas Style Music.

So we decided that since you can’t get over here to listen to us we are gonna’ put ourselves and our music on the Internet, the world wide web, that’s www for all y’all country boys and gals, so the whole world can hear the great sounds of The South Texas Eskapers. Music played the way Texans play it, Texas Style! And that’s why we call ourselves A “Behind The Internet Band” because we are behind the Internet.

Hope this explains a little about what we are doing and y’all do enjoy all our sounds. Be talkin’ with y’all soon

Charles, Lead Guitar


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