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Jammin Guitar – A Site Where You Can Learn How to Play the Guitar

Howdy Fellow Musicians and All Others, I was writing an article to post at Ezine Articles and I thought about our site here. We do a lot of playing and recording. Of course what we really do is have a great time with the gift given to us by the spirit that every person has. […]

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One Old Drummer Back in Town for Awhile

Hi There Pardners, I got a call the other day from John an old friend who used to live here in San Antonio. He left a couple of years ago to go live in Houston and then on to New York City. Burr it’s cold up there.  Hes working for a bunch of hot shot […]

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Learning To Play The Guitar (or any other insturment)

Hi there buckaroo’s Just a short blog about playing and learning the methodology of doing so. When I began this venture not too many years ago I was living at home and quite younger than I am now. The one thing that my father emphasized and set me to doing, at his expense, was taking […]


It’s All About Having Fun

Howdy there Folks, Here it is another rainy cold day here in South Texas. I love the cold, especially in the middle of the summer when it is a hundred degrees and then in the middle of the winter when it is so cold it takes your breath away and it “leaves” and turns into […]

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