A “Behind The Internet Band” – What’s That?

Howdy Folks,

Hope y’all been havin’ a good time out there.

I wanted to explain something and maybe some of the band members can help me with this in their comments in the comment section, sometimes I call it the peanut gallery.

Although we love to play in public what we enjoy most is being on the Internet. The reason being is that all y’all out there can listen to us whenever you want and never leave the farm. I mean all y’all across the world. Not just those of you in the good ole USA, but across the world.

It has been told that Texas Music is quite popular over there across the ocean where our ancestors came from. You know like in Europe, or maybe Russia or even some of the more eastern countries like China or India or Japan and all the ones in between.

We don’t want to leave out the African countries either because some of you too, like to listen to a little honky tonk music once in awhile. You know a whole bunch of us came here from your great continent too.

Well now we can’t be leavin’ out the neighbors to the north and the neighbors to the south of us either. Canada up there in the cold north and our neighbor Mexico to the south. We here in Texas tend to flavor our music with a little Spanish accent which comes directly form all those from our neighbor Mexico who helped us at the Alamo.

We can go on down to Central America and then of course South America. I was in Brazil once and what a country, wow! we had a good time.

Now there are a whole bunch more countries, too numerous to mention. You know we have great people from just about every corner of old mother earth. Most of y’all don’t live in the USA but no matter where y’all are from you love Texas Style Music.

So we decided that since you can’t get over here to listen to us we are gonna’ put ourselves and our music on the Internet, the world wide web, that’s www for all y’all country boys and gals, so the whole world can hear the great sounds of The South Texas Eskapers. Music played the way Texans play it, Texas Style! And that’s why we call ourselves A “Behind The Internet Band” because we are behind the Internet.

Hope this explains a little about what we are doing and y’all do enjoy all our sounds. Be talkin’ with y’all soon

Charles, Lead Guitar


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