Ye! Ha! From San Antonio, Texas

Howdy Stranger,

From the great state of Texas where the livin’ is good and the music even better.

We here at The South Texas Eskapers wish to welcome you to our site. We will be introducing our current music and some of our future stuff. We love all kinds of music and like to play it too. Y’all are invited so come on and make yourselves at home.

As this site progresses we will be telling you a little about ourselves and keep you updated on where you will be able to see us live or hear us in person. We like big auditoriums and little down home country bars and everything in between. Where ever we go we love to play and have fun. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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  1. HARDHEAD says:

    WHAT IS THIS “south texas music”?
    Why would I want to listen to this much less buy it?
    What is an”Eskaper”?

    Hi folks! I’m Hardhead, an “Eskaper”. That’s right….I admit it. I guess that means I am either confident or have no sense of pride. Anyway, The “Eskapers” came to life in 1997 when four friends got together to play some music for kicks. Thru the years we have had a lot of good friends come and go in the band. Our goal then was to play for the love of music and to play with our hearts. Here we are in 2010 and I can’t wait….adios.

  2. Charles says:

    Hardhead is so correct. Well, right might be ok but it sure has been fun. We live for the music and whatever it took to get here was worth it.

    “Every week we bend a string so all the world can dance and sing!!!”

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