It’s All About Having Fun

Howdy there Folks,

Here it is another rainy cold day here in South Texas. I love the cold, especially in the middle of the summer when it is a hundred degrees and then in the middle of the winter when it is so cold it takes your breath away and it “leaves” and turns into spring like weather. Warm and comfortable.

Music, it’s all about having fun. If now why would it be called “playing.” All my life I have loved to have fun. It seems as though all my life I have been involved in the production of music.

Actually it started when I was about nine years old when my dad asked me if I would like to learn how to play a tenor banjo. Dad was a great fan of Polka Party which aired on the old AM radio and if any of you remember it you know that was some years ago. Somewhere around 1958. Jeeze that was in the last century. And do people still play the tenor banjo?

Well that was the beginning of my quest for and my love of music. I have never since stopped playing.

When I was in junior high school mom took us kids (there were five of us) to a music instrument showing. I took one look at a trumpet and decided then and there that was what I was going to play. And, that is what I did. In the first year of band I was third trumpet. The next year in high school I was third first trumpet. It took a lot of work and many lessons which my mother and father so graciously paid for. Music was a big part of our family.

I went on through High School playing and playing. Then when I went to college I became the first year Solo Trumpet. How great that was and what an experience. Playing in an orchestra and in the Pit Band performing for the musical Kiss Me Kate.

In 1972 I was in San Marcos, Texas sitting around partying with some friends when a couple of dudes pulled out their guitars and started playing. Right then and there I decided I was going to play guitar, I was hooked.

As soon as I got back to Corpus Christi I went out and bought a guitar and begin playing. Within the first year I went and bought a Martin D35 wow, that guitar would make music by it’s self. I took lessons and worked hard. Here I will say that I truly believe that lessons are the way to go. They give you direction and set up a plan to your endeavor.

Since then I have never put the guitar down and never will. It has never failed me as a release of pressure and an awesome source of pleasure.

When I met The South Texas Eskapers all the work (and pleasure) I had invested in playing culminated. We all hit it off really good. Each one of the band members have a passion for music. A life’s endeavor and a source of pleasure.

One thing for sure we all look forward to playing and do so at least once per week. We rarely miss a practice. Although we may not be the greatest band and here I must ask what band truely is “the greatest band?” Your band of course! For each of us in the Eskapers, we are the greatest band, and for us the band that has the most fun.

So, for all you want to be musicians and for those of you who are accomplished. All which is a matter of personal opinion, music is for fun. For our pleasure and fun and for others. But I think mostly it is for personal pleasure and satisfaction. If you play it does not matter how good you are what matters is how good it makes you feel. Its all about your inner self. One thing for sure you will always be the best at what “you play” nobody plays like you. Never stop learning and never stop playing. And, never stop having fun with your music.

Thanks for stopping by and play with your heart.

It’s all about having fun.


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