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Howdy Fellow Musicians and All Others,

I was writing an article to post at Ezine Articles and I thought about our site here. We do a lot of playing and recording. Of course what we really do is have a great time with the gift given to us by the spirit that every person has. This spirit does not give everyone the gift for playing music. Others have the gift of something else but then that is another subject.

For those of you who want to play music and just have to go out and get an instrument and some books, CD’s, or DVD’s so you can learn how to play, you were given the gift by your spirit. Use it wisely and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure like none other.

I think that at some time or another in a persons life they wish they could play music. They hear a song and say, to themselves and maybe others, wow I wish I could play like that. Some, and this is very few, will take up an instrument and begin to learn. Most will not follow through. Most of those who pick up an instrument will never get past buying it and soon it will laying around and collecting dust never to be played again. What a waste of a beautiful wealth of pleasure, a musical instrument.

Then for those who do make it past this stage there are still even more who will begin to play and find that it is not easy. They find that it is not as easy as it looks or sounds and they to put down their instrument never to be played again. Like anything else learning how to play music takes time and effort, especially if you want to be good. It takes a huge amount of patience and persistence and practice.

Ah, but the pleasure at is worth the pain. When you become good enough to play a simple song and are able to hear sounds and feel the vibrations of the instrument you will begin realize that you are doing something that is a gift of the spirit’s. It truly a blessing to be able to play music. I know of no one who does not like to listen to music.

Again, almost everyone who listens to music, at some point in life wants to learn how to play and be good at it. Almost all those who try fail. But to those of you who keep working at it, you will prevail. You will reach you level and be content, or not. Yet you will continue to try to become a better musician. It becomes a challenge within your being to keep at it. You may never play at the level of a virtuoso but you and others around you will have a wonderful time enjoying the music you make.

Keep it up and never let your instrument and your music down. In turn they will never let you down. Its an inspiration that is driven by your spirit, your spirit to play.

Enjoy your music and keep playing as much as you can.

The South Texas Eskapers has a get together at Pat’ on Saturday afternoon.

Will be back later


The South Texas Eskapers



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