Learning To Play The Guitar (or any other insturment)

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Just a short blog about playing and learning the methodology of doing so.

When I began this venture not too many years ago I was living at home and quite younger than I am now. The one thing that my father emphasized and set me to doing, at his expense, was taking music lessons. For me it was a good thing. The reason being is that it gave me direction and knowledge.

If a person wants to be good at anything they have to study and learn about that which they choose to do. Music is no different. In fact it is even more important to get the basic concept of music theory than to play the instrument. I know, what you want to do is play. But playing is one thing and playing good is another.

What theory will in fact do is teach you what to do to make the music move and give it that feeling. It gives you a sound foundation for the sounds you are going to want to create. Some people do better with this than others. Some tend to be more natural at music than others. Not all musicians are created equal. For some of us, take me for instance, have to work much harder to get to where they want to be musically but it can be done. Therefore it was very important that I took lessons. Yet even for the more gifted in music, lessons will advance their ability by multiples therefore saving valuable time. Lessons are built on others knowledge and experience.

When I started out there was no Internet and no online training. No access to videos. In fact there wasn’t even a television in our house. There was no TV! OK so I have given away my age. Hey, I’m not really that old.

Now days there is the Internet, DVDs and CDs. Literally multitudes of methods in which to learn. In fact there is so much out there that a person can easily become bogged down with information overload. Therefore it is important that you have at least the opportunity to get the best knowledge available in the simplest method possible.

At our website www.SouthTexasEskapers.com we have a program that will do just that. It is geared to an individual’s level of knowledge in music using easy to follow methods. You will get instruction from basic beginner through advanced studies. The program is comprehensive and step by step.

I can say that I have spent literally thousands of dollars on music lessons in my life. From one on one personal lessons, which I highly recommend, to music book after music book studies, to college music theory and study classes. For those truly serious about music, formal education will give you knowledge beyond the daily routine of study. In the meantime you should try the $49.95 to $99.95 Jamorama Courses. When you sign up there are some free studies so you can check it out.

Well so much for my sales pitch. I will say at this point that a little help will go a long way to learning how to play a musical instrument and I do encourage that all of you who are thinking about playing or have the desire to play music look into lessons of some sort. That goes for those of you who are long along the way. Study is well worth the effort and the minor expense involved. Check it out Jamorama

Have fun playing, fun is what music is all about. Why do they call it PLAYING if it is not for fun.



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